Almost Human: 1.05 ‘Blood Brothers’ Press Release

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Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy) are tasked with protecting the only remaining witness in a major murder trial, while Captain Maldonado (Lili Taylor) faces off with the defendant in the all-new “Blood Brothers” episode of ALMOST HUMAN.

Cast: Karl Urban as John Kennex; Michael Ealy as Dorian; Minka Kelly as Detective Valerie Stahl; Mackenzie Crook as Rudy Lom; Michael Irby as Detective Richard Paul; Lili Taylor as Captain Sandra Maldonado.

Guest Cast: Alex Miller as Ethan Avery; Megan Ferguson as Maya Vaughn; Katey Hoffman as Haley Myers; Kavan Smith as Ada Ortega; Glynis Davis as D.A. Blake; Ian Carter as Judge Anderson; Justine Warrington as Female Juror; and Peter Grier as Jury Foreman.